AAA Perfect Fake Omega Renews Their Gold Standard With New Speedmaster Professional EU

Swiss made replica Omega Speedmaster counts as one of the watches that set the gold standard when it comes to chronographs. With the new generation of this iconic watch, you can take this quite literally, as Omega not only launched it in stainless steel but also in two colors gold. This is quite unique, as the Speedmaster Professional hasn’t been available in gold since 2012.

Sedna Gold Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch

The Speedmaster Professional’s make-over is a comprehensive one, as the previous generation was in the collection since 1996. There is literally not a part that Omega didn’t touch. The brand revised the case, changed the dial, and fitted it with a new bracelet. The latter comes with a stunning clasp that benefits from a vintage touch and is similar to that of the high-quality fake Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI Moonshine. Exciting news can also be found ‘under the hood,’ as the new Speedmaster Professional is equipped with Master Chronometer Caliber 3861. It features a co-axial escapement,  magnetic resistance up to 15,000 gauss, and offers a power reserve of 50 hours.

Canopus Gold Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Watch

The new best replica Speedmaster Professional is available in two of Omega’s proprietary gold alloys, Sedna and Canopus gold. Thanks to its rich and deep color, the Sedna gold offers a stunning contrast with the black dial and bezel. The Speedmaster Professional maintains its functional looks, yet with a dash of glamour added to it. This is quite different from the version in Canopus gold. In this alloy, Omega uses generous amounts of Palladium, which gives it its unique look, but also makes it more expensive and challenging to work with. This is also the only new Speedmaster Professional that comes with a different color dial. To make it instantly recognizable in comparison to the stainless steel model, did Omega fit the Canopus gold version with a silver dial. This makes the watch rather understated and serves as a ‘secret sign’ for people who know that this is the most expensive version of the new Speedmaster Professional.

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