How Pretty Fake Omega Seamaster Watches Are

Another valuable and rare Omega Seamaster replica watches are born to meet the artful needs of watch fans. At this time, Omega applies malachite in the dials to present a beautiful appearance. Just from the appearance, no one can deny such exquisite watch.

Such fake watches online are worth collecting.
Luxury Omega Seamaster Copy Watches

The surface of the wrist watch is polished with malachite, which presents the elegant natural color of the gems. Each surface is made of a natural gems, so each surface is unique. The diving bezel has also undergone a detailed change with the previous Seamaster 300 fake watches with self-winding movements, using a dark green bezel with a matching color of the dial.

Green fake watches are very special.
Omega Imitation Watches With Green Dials

The technical specifications of the wrist watch are just like the new Seamaster 300 at the Basel show at this year. Only the appearance makes a new design. The usage of malachite is quite exquisite and great. I guess such pretty Omega copy watches with golden cases will be quite popular later.

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