What Fake Watches Do They Wear In The Movies?

“ Glengarry Glen Ross” : Alec Baldwin And Golden Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches

For many people, a gold Rolex between the wrists represents a splendid success. In Alec Baldwin’s Glengarry Glen Ross, in order to earn such a watch, you have to “Always be closing” (everything for the deal)”. In an epic fervor, Baldwin raised the best Rolex Day-Date fake watches to the face of Ed Harris, telling him it would cost him a lot more.

Golden Dials Rolex Day-Date Replica

Apollo 13 : Omega Speedmaster Fake Watches

The major merit of Speedmaster series watch on the Apollo 13 in the plan has been well known. When spaceship was broken, players relied on accurate timing function of Omega Speedmaster copy watches with steel cases, restarted the engine and made the spaceship safely return to earth. OMEGA has also been awarded the highest honor of NASA’s “Snoopy Award”. Apollo 13 lunar missions have been onto the movie screen which adds legend for this series.

There are a lot of copy watches with mechanical movements used in the film. It is not only for decoration, but also it sometimes can play a great important role in it just like Omega Speedmaster series. We will make more introduction to watches appearing in film.

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